Designer-selected rental furnishings no monthly rental fees- no design fees
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No Commitments Straightforward, flat-rate room pricing. No monthly rental fees

Expert design team We use principals in design, psychology & marketing to position each property for sale.

One stop service Turn-key furnished-rentals, design & project management

TECHNOLOGY Cost-effective home staging solutions.

Our online property brief, presentation & installation process, allows our design team to create an effective home staging plan
- saving the homeowner time and money.

SET THE STAGE Furnishing empty spaces-

Helps potential home buyers

to visualize room size,

avoids focus on imperfections

and is just more inviting.

& GREATER PROFITS Staged homes sell faster & for more money-

An average of 7 days compared to 45 days for unstaged homes and can bring in 6% - 20% more than an unstaged home.

Why Via?
  • Savings
    -No monthly rental fee's 
     -Love the look? Buy it                (Learn more)                                     
  • Service
    - Full service design &                installation             (Learn more)
  • Give Back!
    -We donate our projects to amazing charities           (Learn more)